Sky in the Deep


Title: Sky in the Deep
Adrienne Young
 352 pages
Publisher: Wednesday Books (April 24, 2018)
Rating: 5/5


If you’re a fan of fierce AF female lead characters you absolutely HAVE to read this book! Adrienne Young has gifted this world with a gripping story rooted in family and honor that features characters you’re sure to love.

Eelyn is a 17-year-old (because this is YA) Aksa Viking devoted to her father and her tribe. Wielding an axe, this girl is a total badass alongside her best friend as they go into battle against the Riki. Eelyn never expected to see her brother, long-since dead from his last battle, fighting alongside her enemy. Eelyn follows her brother, leading to her capture by the Riki, and is then faced with the challenge of surviving in an enemy tribe while learning the truth of her brothers betrayal.

Eelyn is the character every girl wishes they could be – she’s fierce, she’s loyal, she’s beautiful, she can kick your ass and she’s unbelievably stubborn. Young does a phenomenal job developing her into this complex character as she battles her desire to return home and hatred for the Riki against her internally caring nature and love for family. Young’s writing will have you rooting for Eelyn to escape while you are simultaneously pining for her to remain with Fiske, our handsome love interest.

The world is rich with Viking culture; battle, spiritual guides and rituals, and some all-to-real violence that paints a vivid picture of the dangers our main character faces as she is thrown into an enemy camp. Young balances honesty to culture with gripping story telling that leaves readers completely immersed in this violent and captivating world. Young does a fantastic job weaving in romantic and family subplots that enhance the storyline rather than feel out of place or overused.

At it’s core, this story is about defying the odds and unity. Eelyn starts the novel as a character hell bent on proving herself in battle and destroying her enemy. Along the way, Eelyn sees that both the Aska and the Riki share a common enemy and must work to unite the tribes to work together, overcoming generations of hatred.

I absolutely loved this book and it’s a must read for anyone who loves YA novels that feature complex and fierce lead characters without a lot of frill and excessive emphasis on the romantic subplot. You get all the feels AND all the action. It’s a win-win and definitely a five star read!